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One Time Order – Spring 10 Meal Variety Pack

1 Jambalaya Bowl with Chicken & Sausage, 1 Mexican Ground Chicken Bowl, 1 Asian Ground Chicken, 1 Beef Meatball Wheat Spaghetti, 1 Buffalo Chicken, 1 Black Angus Steak, 1 Teriyaki Beef Meatballs, 1 Orzo Multigrain Steak Bowl, 1 Taco Beef Bowl, and 1 Couscous Chicken Bowl


**Orders must be placed by Wednesday at Midnight to allow time to prep for Sunday pickup**


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Jambalaya Bowl with Chicken and Sausage

Mexican Ground Chicken Bowl

Asian Ground Chicken

Buffalo Chicken

Beef Meatball Wheat Spaghetti

Black Angus Steak

Teriyaki Beef Meatballs

Orzo Multigrain Steak Bowl with Veggies
Couscous Chicken Bowl with Veggies
Taco Beef Bowl

MACROS for Carbs selections

5oz of Sweet Potato Wedges – 128 cal (30g Carbs/ 3g Protein)

5oz of Sweet Potato Cinnamon Chunks- 128 cal (30g Carbs/ 3g Protein)

5oz Baked Potato – 152 cal (30g Carbs / 4g Protein/ 3.5g Fat)

5oz of Brown Rice – 160 cal (33.5g Carbs/ 3.5g Protein)

5oz of Wild Rice – 160 cal (33.5g Carbs/ 3.5g Protein)

5oz of Basmati White Rice – 184 cal (40g Carbs/ 4g Protein)

5oz of Quinoa Rice – 171 cal  (31.5g Carbs/ 6g Protein)


MACROS for Veg selections

2oz Veg mix : Corn, Carrots, Peas, Green B (25cal (6g Carbs / 2g Protein/ 2 Sugar)

2oz Broccoli – 19cal (4g Carbs / 1.6g Protein)

2oz Asparagus – 11cal (2.2g / 1.25g Protein)

2oz Green beans – 18cal (4g Carbs/ 1g Protein)

2oz Brussel Sprouts – 24cal (5g Carbs/ 2g Protein)

2oz Peas– 46cal (8g Carbs/ 3g Protein)


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