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Sautéed Shrimp **5 Meals** (Keto)

From: $42.50

**Orders must be placed by Wednesday at Midnight to allow time to prep for Sunday pickup. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact MacroMan at 502-855-0945**

Read more$42.50$49.48
Read moreFrom: $42.50 / week


Shrimp – 202cal  – 37g Protein – 1.5g Carbs – 3g Fat

Macro for Veggies per Meal

5oz Veg mix : Corn, Carrots, Peas, Green B (62cal (15g Carbs / 5g Protein/  6Sugar)

5oz Broccoli – 48cal (10g Carbs / 4g Protein)

5oz Asparagus – 28cal (6g / 3g Protein)

5oz Green beans – 45cal (10g Carbs/ 2g Protein)

5oz Stir Fry Veggies – 75cal – (15g Carbs / 5g Protein/ 3g Sugar)

5oz Brussel Sprouts – 60cal (12g Carbs/ 5g Protein)

5oz Peas– 115cal (20g Carbs/ 7g Protein)



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