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Summer Specialty Variety Pack (10 Meals)


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1 Supreme Protein Chicken Pizza – 445 Cals/ 37g Protein/ 20g Fat/ 3g Sugar/ 5g Carbs

1 Protein Lasagna – 450 Cal / 54g Protein/ 19g Fat/ 5g Sugar/ 8g Carbs

1 Fiesta Beef Loaded Potato -435 Cal/ 36g Protein/ 17g Fat/ 5g Sugar/ 43g Carbs

1 Taco Beef Bowl  – 485 Cal/ 35g Protein/ 13g Fat/ 3g Sugar/ 44g Carbs

1 Mexican Turkey Bowl – 406 Cal/ 43g Protein/ 11g Fat/ 2g Sugar/ 46g Carbs

1 Red Curry Pulled Chicken with Pineapple – 494 Cal/ 38g Protein/ 12g Fat/ 8g Sugar/ 36g Carbs

1 Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake Breakfast- 36g Protein/ 5g Fat / 9g Sugar/ 30g Carbs

1 Reese Protein Pancake Breakfast- 443 Cal/ 42g Protein/ 15g Fat/ 5g Sugar/ 32g Carbs

1 Chocolate Protein Muffin Breakfast- 452 Cal/ 44g Protein/ 12g Fat/ 8g Sugar/ 34g Carbs

1 Denver Breakfast Casserole- 437 Cal/ 20g Protein/ 24g Fat/ 1g Sugar/ 5g Carbs


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